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On the Shelf

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We are super excited to announce the Thimblepress® for Blue Sky Collection at Staples®.

This collection was intentionally created to be colorful and bright. Dated planners and calendars that fit many different types of personalities, from classic stripes to florals to terrazzo and abstract patterns – Thimblepress®  covers the gamut on style.

After a year without any plans in 2020, we are thrilled to usher in all this color and fun to organize everyone’s routine!

Welcoming Amy Hall!

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A getting-to-know-you Q&A with Amy Hall, the latest addition to our roster of stellar talent at Wain’s World!  

Ask the Artist

Amy Hall began her creative career in New York City as a textile designer. Amy’s current focus: landscape and floral painting.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration all around me. Hiking with my family, watching my husband fish with our children or working in my rose garden always brings a flurry of ideas. Each piece is different. I find joy through creating art and playing with the pigment. Every time I start a painting, I never know how it will end and my art constantly evolves.

Why did you decide to license your fine art now?

During this crazy COVID time period, my family and I spent a lot of time doing creative projects. The art seemed to flow and more people were reaching out to me to create work for their homes. This feels like the right time to share what brings me joy with others.

Why join Wain’s World?

From my first conversation with Liz, I felt an instant connection. Her energy and passion sparked a new creative energy in me.  That type of vibe doesn’t happen often and it felt like a perfect fit. I knew Wain’s World was the right place for me. 

Do you have a first creative memory?

I can’t remember a time where I haven’t painted or sketched ideas. My first creative memory is drawing Cinderella with crayon on the back of my bedroom door. I would color on everything, it didn’t matter if it was a wall, a door or the floor.

See Amy’s Profile >

Wain’s World Cares

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Each year, Wain’s World gives back to the creative community in honor of our valued business partners. In 2020, Wain’s World selected Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) as the recipient of our annual holiday charitable gift.

Since 2007, YOLA has provided young musicians with instruments, intensive music education, academic support, and leadership training. Click here to learn more about YOLA and their impressive work to support young musicians in Los Angeles.

In Real Life

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Adorable birth announcement by Two if by Sea Studios’ Brittany Zeller-Holland

A warm welcome to Townes Meriwether Zeller-Holland.

Precious Townes was born to Brittany and Dylan on December 1, 2020. Congratulations, too, to big brother Roald.

In Real Life

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Congratulations to Kristin and Bill on their marriage—and cheers to young William Allen. The couple first met as Mississippi State students in 2003. They remained friends through the years and reconnected in 2019. The romantic wedding took place in Jackson on November 21, 2020. We couldn’t be happier for you.

In the News

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The Paper Curator™  and Cecily Moore named “10 Designers to Watch in 2020”. 
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